Monday, September 12, 2011

Shopping Trip 9/12/11

Today I went shopping and hit up 3 different stores. Had a good time too, no kids, no pressure, early enough in the morning to beat any crowds. I did have a little issue at Safeway. I didn't go to my "usual" one, but it is one I have coupon shopped at before, in fact, one of the managers in my usual one, sometimes floats to this one to help out, even though they're in different towns...I had received a coupon in the mail good for 1 free pack of Oscar Mayer hot dogs, as part of their recent Facebook promotion, and tried to use this coupon. At first the cashier had no issues with my coupons, most of them we're for free products, and had even written on them all, but the hot dog one. She then said we don't take internet printed coupons for free products and called the manager to bring down a copy of the coupon policy. He looked at the coupon, showed me the policy where it does say that they do not take internet printed coupons that are for free products. I showed him the other part of the paper, which I had just ripped the coupon off of, that clearly showed my name and address, and told him the cashier had seen me take it off the other part of the paper, and that if he looked on the back there was a special marking that was to prevent fraud...I don't remember exactly what that part said...but he agreed and said that it clearly wasn't printed from the internet, and that it was ok....I do admit, when the cashier said she wasn't sure if they could honor them, I was a little upset, she was talking about all of the free product coupons, and I got a little miffed she had written the price on them already and then called the manager...I always tell my cashier if I have any free product coupons...just so it doesn't slow down the process! Ok, so that was about it, the only negative thing that happened...other than this it was an awesome shopping day! Here's what I got!

Store #1: Walmart
2 Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Dinners 1.75 ea.
Used (2) $1/1 coupons

4 Idahoan Mashed Potatoes .43c ea.
Used $1/4 coupon

3 Ball Freezer Pectin .97c ea.
Used (3) $1/1 coupon

1 Freezer Pectin (the other kind-I think it's the low sugar one) 1.54
Used $1/1 coupon

3 Fabreeze Noticeables Warmers 2.97 ea.
Used (3) $3/1 coupons

6 Cascade 3 ct. diswasher packs .97c ea.
Used (6) $1/1 coupons

Total Retail: 24.40
Total Savings: 20.86 or 86%
Total OOP: 3.54

Store #2 Target:
1 Skirt (in my size) 4.24
Used mobile coupon for $3 off

1 Revlon Cuticle trimmer 2.89
4 Revlon Nail clippers 2.24 ea.
2 Revlon Nail files 2.89 ea
1 Revlon Nail Buffer 2.89
Used (4) $5/2 Revlon beauty tools catalina coupons

1 Pencil holder .69c on clearance
6 Notebooks .10c ea. on clearance

Total Retail: 23.05
Total Savings: 18.21 or 79%
Total OOP: 4.84

Store #3 Safeway:

2 Kraft Mac & Cheese, store promo: B1G1 Free 3.78 -1.89
Used 1 Macsurance Coupon from Facebook promotion, up to 1.60

(1) 1.5 ltr. Coke Zero 1.49, on sale .99c w/ card
Free with my Just for U savings!

1 Pantene Conditioner 4.49,on sale 3.99 w/ card
Used Free Conditioner coupon from Pantene promotion, up to 3.99

1 Oscar Mayer Selects Angus Beef Hot Dogs, 5.99
(this is where they messed up the coupons part on my receipt, but I used 1 free pack of Oscar Mayer Selects hot dogs from their Facebook promotion)

4 Lunchables, PB & J, .99c ea
Used $1/4 any lunchables w/out drink

1 Bob Evan's Mashed Potatoes 3.99
Free with my Just for U savings!
(I also had a .35c/1 loaded on my club card, so my receipt actually reads -.35c for this one!

1 Fresh Express Veggies Plus Salad 3.99
Used 1 Free Fresh Express Salad from Vocal Point

Total Retail: 38.51
Total Savings: 34.94 or 91%
Total OOP: 3.57


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