Coupon Classes! Taking Dates!!!

Hello everyone! Just thought I jot it all down in one place where you can find it...these are the coupon class details.

Available in the following counties in California: Napa, Solano, Yolo, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Sacramento. Other areas can be arranged if my schedule allows.

Prices: 4-10 attendees - $15 each person
          10+ attendees- $10 each person

What does a coupon class consist of:
1. I will teach you the ropes of couponing. I will explain lingo, how to find deals, coupons, matchups, etc. as well as explain how to earn money online. LEGIT ways to earn money online to shop with or even put in the bank!
2. You will be given a packet of information outlining everything that was gone over in class and more!
3. You will have a chance to win some free coupons, the number given away depends on the number of attendees.
4. You will also have a chance to win a giveaway. Giveaway item to be determined by me.

Bonus Extra Class
For an additional $5 per person, after the scheduled class is over, we will take a trip to the store, to be determined by me, and I will take you shopping with me. I will purchase all of my own items, and use my own coupons. You will get to physically see how its done and how to spot UNADVERTISED SPECIALS!

If you are interested in scheduling a coupon class, please contact me at:

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