Saturday, March 24, 2012

Origami Paper pack freebie

My kids love doing arts and crafts. More days than not, you will find a drawing here, a cut out picture there, even toys my son has designed using just paper, staples, and tape (he's pretty creative that one!). I have never thought about introducing them to Origami before. Maybe that's because attention span around here is almost non-existent! Another reason is of course, COST! There is usually some cost when you decide to start a new hobby. Well look no more! I found a way to start this hobby for FREE!!! Go visit this site: HERE , and fill out the short form. You'll receive 50 free sheets of origami paper, in 3 different sizes. You will even receive a few print pages of their animal origami. They want it shared around, but do have it listed that if they are overwhelmed with response, they will randomly select participants to receive their origami paper. Limit 1 per person, Available to US residents only. They're aiming for a month to send it out, but could be up to 6 weeks.

All they ask, is that if you're interested in continuing this hobby that you purchase your supplies directly from them: HERE.

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